October 2013

Fish Down, Invasions Up, Flooding Soon

Ariel Rubissow Okamoto Download: Estuary News, October 2013 PDF Whether you’re a fat salmon or a skinny smelt, life in the watershed of the San Francisco Estuary remains far from “natural.” Dams and levees block Estuary fish from swimming freely in rivers and creeks and through marshlands and floodplains. Alien clams compete for fish food. Invasive weeds clog habitats. And exotic predators threaten life and fin. Hatcheries crank out thousands of coddled, cookie-cutter Chinook salmon every year, and the best fishery in the Delta is no longer salmon and sturgeon but largemouth bass that hail from the Mississippi basin. A few native species, like Sacramento splittail, are “holding their own” according to scientists, but others, like Delta smelt, have declined...
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