Diana Fu

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Diana Fu

Environmental Planner


Diana Fu, Environmental Planner, works on SFEP’s Clean Vessel Act and supports other projects related to community engagement and environmental equity. Prior to joining the Estuary Partnership, Diana worked with Billion Oyster Project coordinating their flagship educational program, the Oyster Research Station, with students, teachers, and community scientists across New York City’s five boroughs. She is also a passionate advocate for environmental justice in coastal urban communities, and has coordinated community science programs in the South Bronx to provide data vital to the restoration of the Bronx River. Diana holds B.A.’s in Environmental Science and Asian American Studies from Northwestern University, and is currently a 2021 Switzer Fellow and an M.S. candidate in the Coastal Science & Policy Program at University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Phone : (415) 778-6674
Email : [email protected]