James Muller

James Muller

Principal Environmental Planner


James Muller, Principal Environmental Planner, manages the Integrated Regional Water Management Program, funded by the California Department of Water Resources. The IRWM program is composed of four implementation grants funding 46 projects and one involvement grant working with over 15 Bay Area Community and Tribal partners to conduct water needs assessments and subsequent project development activities with disadvantaged communities and Tribes. The IRWM program is focused on implementing water management solutions on a regional scale to increase regional self-reliance, reduce conflict, and manage water to concurrently achieve social, environmental, and economic objectives. These projects are intended to provide multiple benefits including improved water quality, better flood management, restored and enhanced ecosystems, and more reliable surface and groundwater supplies. James also works to promote and implement the SFEP Estuary Blueprint as well as cross functional work within the Metropolitan Transportation Association.

James has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Radford University and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco.

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