Time Travel on the Bay

By Aleta George

“In day-to-day life we look at the world in a three-dimensional view,” Liam O’Donoghue, host and producer of the award-winning podcast East Bay Yesterday, says, “but when you know history, you can look at it through four dimensions because you can see into the past using your imagination.” On a recent boat tour of the East Bay shoreline led by O’Donoghue, Captain Andy threaded his vessel Pacific Pearl through the Berkeley pier as if it were a time portal. “History makes me feel more emotionally connected to myself and where I live,” says Jozefina Logu, one of the women at the bow. At one point the tour stopped at the Brothers Islands to view the lighthouse-turned-bed-and-breakfast and a group of seals sunning themselves on the shoreline of West Brother.

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