30 Years of Estuary News

Estuary News, the magazine responsible for thirty years of stories on the latest and most important information about the fate of our greatest natural assets, has now reached the end of its active journey. Over its three decades, Estuary News has informed countless people in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, helping to shape the understanding of those deeply interested in quality journalism about our estuary’s natural resources.

Just because there will be no further editions of this magazine doesn’t mean it will no longer serve as a key resource into the future.

Estuary News will now be recorded here for posterity to serve as a reference for those many people who depend on its insights then, now, and into the uncertain future.

We hope that you find it to be useful. Below, we welcome you to browse its hundreds of stories by topic or explore the more recent editions of its handsome pages.

Whatever you do, please keep in touch!

— Ariel Okamoto, Estuary News Editor

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ESTUARY News is the 30-year-old regional magazine of the San Francisco Estuary Partnership and its myriad partners around the Bay and Delta. Written by professional, independent journalists, it provides in-depth, silo-crossing coverage of environmental restoration.