November 12, 2020

Science-in-Short ~ Aquatic Weeds Podcast

Wall-to-Wall Sampling of the Delta’s Aquatic Weeds Via Remote Sensing, an interview with Shruti Khanna.  In this episode of the podcast, Estuary News reporter Daniel McGlynn talks to Dr. Shruti Khanna, a senior environmental scientist at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Their conversation focuses on Khanna’s use of remote sensing technology to study the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Specifically, Khanna analyzes and processes remote sensing data, or high- resolution images collected by sensors mounted on aircraft, to study invasive plant species growing in Delta waterways. Researchers also use remote sensing to study the Delta’s water quality, fish populations, and overall change. While remote sensing will never replace on-the-ground research, the massive data set produced by collecting large-scale images over...
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