Thirty Years of News

Estuary News, a public interest magazine covering the preservation, management and restoration of the San Francisco Estuary for over thirty years, has ceased publication. Through quality journalism, Estuary News kept countless people in the Bay Area and beyond informed about the state of the waterway at the heart of Northern California.

Although there will be no further editions of the magazine, this archive will serve as a key resource into the future. Not only are all the back issues, from 1992 to 2023, posted on this website, the editors have also selected a handful of stories, from more than a thousand, that they feel represent The Story of the Estuary

In addition, 12 of Estuary‘s most experienced reporters share their reflections on the magazine in Reporters Look Back. We welcome a new generation of storytellers and publications. Where there’s an estuary, there’s a crowd.

Ariel Rubissow Okamoto, Cariad Hayes Thronson, and Lisa Owens Viani

Editors Emeritae

Peruse the back issues of this periodical with a 30-year track record of compelling, topical journalism

Archive of Issues

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